The Ice Age never made it to the Arabian Desert, but at last penguins have found a home by the Arabian Sea! And while they get to enjoy Penguin Falls, the world's largest man-made waterfall, you get to enjoy their company and a huge assortment of water activities including slides and the Coral Isle snorkeling pool.

Our 103,000-m2 water park, Penguin Homeland is the theme of Iceland Water Park, with a panoramic view of the Al Hajar Mountains in the east and the Arabian Gulf in the North, is the first offering of WOW RAK, a 120 acre family entertainment destination being developed in the emirate of Ras al Khaimah , 80 kms north of Dubai.

The global phenomenon of climate change inspired us to choose "penguin homeland" as the theme of the park. Besides the falls, we have the Rocky Polar Mountains with a huge assortment of water slides, the Penguin Bay Rain Dance Pool, Arctic Wave Pool and Tundra Baths. We also have the first Aqua Soccer. And smaller children can have their own fun in the safety of the Eddy Pool and Kids' Cove.

You will be sure to work up a big appetite, and when you do our two restaurants along with multi-cuisine fast food will be waiting to serve you.


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