Hatta Mountain Safari



we depart from Dubai towards the picturesque Hatta an oasis a little more than 100km from Dubai along the undulating red sand dunes for an exciting off road adventure followed by a visit to the camel rock & stop for a while for photograph, pass through the fossil rock until we reach the Hatta mountains valley at Madham. The real adventures begin as we follow the trails of the Wadis dry river bed in the Hajjar Mountain to reach fresh water pools. In Hatta Mountain Safari trip you can take a dip or dive into the blue waters while enjoying some refreshments before driving to the famous Hatta Fort Hotel for a sumptuous lunch.

Skills, Safety & Precautions of Hatta Mountains Safari:
Professionally trained for Dubai desert driving and dune bashing. All vehicles fitted with roll bars, first aid kits & drivers with first aid training. All the vehicles are fully insured & fitted with tracking system directly connected to the Dubai police. . We strictly recommend you to fasten seat belt while on Hatta trip. Hatta mountain safari trip is not advisable for pregnant ladies, people with heart & back problems.


Hatta Mountain Safari - Vital Information:

Day of Operation:



6 hrs


3 years and above


Pickup 7:30 am to 8:00 am – Drop-off 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Dress code:

Casual and swimming costumes if you intend to dip & dive in the pool


Your Need to Know about Hatta Mountain Safari Trip:
You Must carry Original passport
Littering is punishable offense & offenders may face penalties.
Avoid public display of affection

Guests on tourist / visit visa to UAE must carry their valid, original passport and UAE residence visa holders can either carry their valid, original passport or valid UAE Labour card to show at the check-point as we pass through Oman territory

Camera is must but it is advised not to take pictures of Arab women without permission & photography of government and military installations is strictly prohibited


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